5 Summer Style Tips from Mandi Line, costume designer of Pretty Little Liars fame!

Mandi Line

In a recent conversation with Get*This Style Ambassador, Mandi Line, costume designer of Pretty Little Liars fame we got on the topic of summer style. Mandi’s work has received numerous nominations such as Best Dressed Cast and now she shares her tips on how to “rock”  your summer style.… Read more

Q & A with Sherry Heart, Hair Stylist for HBO’s GIRLS

Sherry Heart - hair stylist

The women of HBO’s Girls each have very distinct personalities and personal styles. Sherry Heart, the show’s resident hair stylist, further exemplifies each character’s individuality through their hairstyle. We sat down with Sherry to get the inside scoop about her favorite character’s hair, what we can expect from the upcoming season and the hair products she can’t live without!… Read more

Luxurious Reds

Red Cashmere Wrap

It is probably the color you’ll find literally as a ‘red thread’ in fashion and must-have accessory throughout this year.  We’re seeing red all over, most likely linked to the burgundy trend we’re observing in this years collections and on the runway.… Read more

Winter Games Fashion: Team USA sweaters Made in America!

Made in the USA - Winter games 2014

The U.S. Olympic team proudly wore sweaters made in the USA, during the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games. In fact, they’re made in Southern California by Ball of Cotton, located in the City of Commerce.

Designed by Ralph Lauren, the controversial cardigans worn by Team USA, lauded by some as homespun Americana, have been hard at work since Ralph Lauren tapped them in 2012 to sew part of the U.S.

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